Thursday, 24 February 2011

Mad hot ballroom

What does the word "teamwork" mean to you?
The word teamwork to me is work that you do with people. It also mean to me when you stuff together with your group.

How do you see these students trying to work together?
I see this students are trying to work together so they can get reword together and they work as family.

How important was teamwork for these students?
It was really important for this students to work as a team because they are working hard so they can win the competition.

What do you think is the main message that these students should take away from this experience?
I think that this students should take away that never think that u are better than anyone.

How will you work together with your teammates in Globaloria?
I will work together so we can get all the work dun and never get in trouble.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Lucio S #5 2011

Super Chick Sister
The games I yest played are fun and great, but the games are played bye helping the social issue by not killing the animals that are in danger.
The social issue by not killing the animals and giving them a home.
The game taught that the issue was killing the animal in danger but really we need to save them instead to kill them. The KFC torture the chickens.

The game is fun but really the mane idea is saving the animals. If we don't get to save the animal bye the time that J.LO gets you it`s going to be game over. The social issue is saving the animals that don't have homes. The game taught that the animals should be with out homes.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Lucio S 4 2011

The Wizard

At the beginning of the movie, Jimmy is walking down the highway. Where is he going?
Jimmy is going to California.

What is the problem that the little boy, Jimmy, has?
He want to go to California and he likes to play video games a lot.

Jimmy likes to stack and build things. How does this relate to video games? He tacks block because he is jealous.

Playing video games seems to help Jimmy feel better. Why do you think this is?
It help Jimmy because it helps hem to forget hes sister.

What makes him such an awesome video game player? It helps him so he can train for the competition.

What kinds of games do you see being played? Have you ever played any games like this before?
One of the game is double dragon and f-1 dream.

How many different game systems do you see in the film and how are they different from what we play games on today? I see a lot of them that i don`t remember.