Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Epic Mickey
Mickey went on he=is scret door and he saw a magesion and he was finishing his project. I like the paint hi us. Mickey was drag of his bed.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Lucio Sanchez 13 2010

"Strange Days on Planet Earth"

Part 4
When the watter is worm less plaitans. Tide pools are moving with the watter. If the crabs die the preditors are going to decris. The dust is making the desises. The dust fly to us from thausands mile away. A desis is expreding by the dust is asthma.

Part 5

The Lake Guri on venensuela has alot of anomal that need help becouse they dont have houses. Before the flud Guri was a forest. If we kill prediters we can put them back. The astams stop regeareation in the 19s. Beabers are leaving in the rivers so the wolfs wont eat them. The coral reef are dieng because the prediters are eating the fishes.90% of the big fish are gone and it been hapening on the pass 50 years.Smalest fishes are coming back and the fisher mans are starting to fish biger fishes agin.

Part 6

The lapred frog is not the only animal in truble bye atrazine.The Belugas whales are bean contaminated bye bad cimicals. The cimical that are contaminating the whales is in the water. 90% of the fishes are conaminated and u never know wich one are you going to get. Mercury is geting in are water. Many of this polution run to are rivers.Mola mloa are the kind of fish how have the kemicles.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

"Strange Days on Planet Earth"

Part 1:
Plants animals species are bean effected by world pollution.
US air force had to come back home.
The elan's are getting bigger.
Part 2:
Fisher mans are sprering the wiwols.
In other pleases people are still struggling with elan's.
Erosion makes the wiwols Carry away.
Part 3:
The bids spread seeds of meconias and each plant produce over 3,000 seeds.
People are saving ther garden from wiwos.
When we walk in earht we take animal with us.
Carebos are losing their life's because they don't fine food.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Lucio S 12 2010

The Age of Stupid

This movie is about the environment and we been watching this movie for the pass week. People don't want weaned forms in they farms. They want to stop the weaned farms. The watter is polluted and it kill the fish and there is not allot of fish. The Oil work is bad because is hearting the environment. The plains us allot of gas and it pollutes the environment more.
The women in Nigiria had to bye disel and sell it so she can make money because her work finish bye the oil spilling.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Lucio Sanchez blog post #10

Source 1: What in the world is going on
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Source 3

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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Lucio Sanchez blog post #9 2010

How to Properly Cite Internet Resource
Author.Title of Website.Web address or URL.
copyright date.date you found information.
This the web I found the information http://www.nbii.gov/
I found this Web in 10/08/10.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Lucio Sanchez blog post # 8

The coral reef can be found on the South Pacific. The coral reef is a type of plant that lives under the sea.The coral are in danger because of the ocean worming. Who makes the ocean worming? Weal allots of things can make the ocean worming but the most important thing that is causing the affect are the humans. The humans are the ones that are doing all the pollution and all that pollution is going to ocean so it causes the ocean worming. The coral reef is the homes if some fish under the sea but they are losing their homes because of us we are killing their homes.

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Lucio Sanchez Blog Post #7 2010

Endangered Species

The video we watch make me feel that we should stop killing the animals that are in danger. I also think that we should stop taking their homes and polluting the world, because wean we pollute the world we are also polluting their home. I also think that the human population is the one that is polluting the world and killing the endangered species. If the world pollution is malting the ice cap and the species that live in the ice cap will die. Some of the species are going to do adaptation on other places.

Friday, 24 September 2010

lucio sanchez

Possible Game Topic

These are some game topic website that I found on


I will begin researching different topic found on this directory to help me come up with more game ideas that would like to focus on.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Lucio Sanchez

My thoughts about the documentary are that we should stop polluting. I also think that we should stop using cars to much because then we are going to pollute are air. What I think about global warming is that if we don't stop polluting the world global warming is going to get worst,if it get worst more people are going to die. The information I heard makes me feel that I should tell other people that they should stop polluting the world because we cant kill other people. we can make something that people can go and dump trash that pollute the world so they wont trow or live in other pleases that cant effect the world.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Image RETRIEVED from http:/www.nasa.gov

I loke this picture because it looks like a wofe and because I like wofes. I also like this picture because I like stars. Ialso like this picture because I will like to go explore the space and take some pictures. I will like to save this picture because is my futer.